One of the most worrying things that a man can experience is failure to get an erection and it is completely natural to be concerned the first time that this happens. As men, we assume that our genitalia will be fully functioning and firing on all cylinders at all times but for many, it isn’t always the case. Aside from the initial embarrassment of being intimate with someone when your erection fails you, experiencing a problem like this can also weigh heavy on your mind as you, quite naturally, question what is wrong with you.

Let’s take a look at what you should and shouldn’t do should you fail to get an erection.

Don’t Freak Out

It may be easier said than done but the first step is not to completely freak out about your issue, erection failure happens to a massive percentage of men and it is usually linked with something extremely minor. The problem with erection failure is that once it has happened for the first time, it will weigh heavy on your mind and could cause you to lose a future erection, just because you are thinking too much about it. If possible, try to laugh it off, it’s probably nothing to worry about and next time you will be absolutely fine.

Do Talk About It

Whilst it is important that you don’t make a huge issue of what has happened, should you fail to get an erection with your partner more than once, it is important that you talk about it. Any woman or man on the receiving end of a failed erection will naturally think that it has something to do with them, this is very rarely the case and you should open a dialogue with them to let them know that it is nothing to do with them. Talking about the issue can help to create a relaxed environment so that the next time you get down to business, you don’t feel any pressure.

Don’t Go To Google

Unless you can sort the online wheat from the chaff, which few of us can, then don’t start looking on Google to see what the problem is. Doing this will most likely result in you having ovarian cancer, ebola and walking corpse syndrome before you know it. Chat with your mates, see if they’ve experienced anything like it, try not to think about it and more importantly, keep trying, do not look on Google.

Do Seek Help 

You can’t put it down to something mental forever and if your erection problems continue for many weeks then it may be worth going to see the doctor to discuss your options. Doctors can prescribe pills which will give your erection a boost and can look to see if there are any underlying health issues preventing you from gaining an erection. Don’t rush to the doctor, but if the symptoms continue for an unprecedented length of time, then there is nothing wrong with chatting to a professional.