The Dwyer Family Foundation, which supports educational and religious organizations throughout the Miami-Dade area, has always served children in need as well as other corners of society’s disadvantaged and disenchanted.

Headed by Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor, the organization gives generously throughout its community and beyond, even during times of economic hardship. Dwyer has been recognized by publications like Barron’s and The Financial Times, as well as REP. Magazine’s Top 100 Wirehouse Advisors.

The Dwyer Family Foundation is founded upon the following support pillars:</p>

  • Helping establish schools which serve children in need and those with learning disabilities.
  • Establishing programs tailored to the educational growth of girls and young women.
  • Preaching and teaching sustainability and establishing environmental stewardship programs that enact environmental consciousness.

The primary goal at the Dwyer Family Foundation is to teach children the value of giving while showing them the ways to give effectively to get the most out of their moral investment.

The Dwyer Family Foundation focuses its philanthropic efforts toward the shared interest in educational and religious organizations serving children in need throughout the Miami-Dade community.

The foundation also stays true to its long history of giving, which includes transformative learning environments, programs for girls which stress developmental progress at various stages of life (girl, teen, young adulthood).

Another hallmark of The Dwyer Family Foundation is that it provides schools with stewardship programs that instill a lifelong sense of responsibility to all, while also specializing in helping differently-abled children, educating children with challenges like learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, and even short-term memory dysfunction.

This comes at a time when children have dire need. Higher percentages of students from age 3 to age 21 are receiving special education services — and those are just the children that have been diagnosed.

Learning disabilities can vary and disrupt basic psychological processes such as basic understanding and language (both spoken and written). Disorders can often manifest themselves in the following:

  • Compromised ability to listen
  • Trouble thinking or putting together thoughts
  • Trouble speaking, reading, writing, and spelling
  • Trouble with mathematical calculations
  • And more

The percentage of all students receiving special education services for specific learning disabilities hovers around the 30% mark, according to National Center for Education Statistics, while around 20% struggle with speech or language impairments.

Students with learning disabilities can often have a difficult time when it comes to receiving, processing, and analyzing information. It’s also true that girls and young women need special guidance and mentorship to advance in our increasingly complex social landscape. The Dwyer Family Foundation serves as a beacon of hope to both.

The Dwyer Family Foundation strives to help the disadvantaged in the world lead normal, healthy, worthwhile lives through proper guidance and by providing as much assistance as the foundation is able to provide, from now leading into the future. The Dwyer Family Foundation equips children and students with knowledge and skills that will help them become active, productive members of society.

“Education in a formal learning setting is key,” says the Dwyer Family Foundation website. It’s a principal the foundation believes in and puts all its resources behind.