If you’re like many people these days, chances are you’re in the position where you’re either already caring for an ageing relative or you’re beginning to consider options in terms of their care. It can be an upsetting prospect knowing that your relatives are getting older and are not as able bodied as they were before. While you can’t stop the ageing process, what you can do is make sure they’re as comfortable as possible in their own homes, a prospect that brings a lot of security and happiness to older people. Here are some easy changes you can make to any home that won’t break the bank to help your ageing relatives retain their in-home independence for as long as possible.


We all know that stairs cause an issue for many people who have mobility problems. Whether it’s hip or knee pain or just general muscle stiffness, climbing steep stairs of any kind can cause a lot of undue stress and pressure on already delicate joints and bones. A stairlift can help a lot, allowing stairs to be tackled even by those who find climbing them to be seriously problematic. There are numerous styles and sizes of stairlifts as well, making it easier than ever for you to consider this option with stairlifts to fit almost every size and style of staircase – from narrow and small to wide, curved and beyond.

Changing Cupboards

This sounds like it won’t help but can actually help immensely. If your loved one loves to bake, make sure to move their baking supplies into a lower cupboard – but not too low – so they can reach them easier. Depending on your loved one’s level of mobility will generally dictate the types of moves you make with regard to moving cupboard around. To avoid confusion and upset, try to get your loved one to help you, or at least observe so they know where all their things are being moved to in order to help them with their daily tasks.

Handles/Supports On Walls

Handles and supports on various walls is a great idea to help provide a sense of balance, coordination and safety to your loved one. There are many place and click wall supports available today, usually done with suction cups which makes it cheaper and easier to install. Check the sturdiness yourself and ensure they’re on the wall properly before your relative relies on them to keep their balance in check.

Shower Seats

Shower seats are a super easy, affordable and helpful way to make showertime more accessible and easy for the elderly. Shower seats can be purchased independently of the shower – meaning you don’t need to install a new shower with a seat already included. Many homeware stores sell shower chairs or stools but you can get a whole new shower if you are interested in one. These will help take away the need to sit in the likes of the bathtub, which can prove nearly impossible to get out of as we age.

Whether you’re new to caregiving or you’ve been doing it awhile, one thing is for certain and that’s the fact that making small adjustments to the home can be one of the best ways to make things easier for both you and your ageing loved ones.