Sono Bello has noticed that the demographics of their patients in their Bellevue, WA clinics and other locations has been changing. Specifically, it seems that the baby boom generation is becoming increasingly interested in cosmetic procedures. This is why Sono Bello reviews the appropriateness of the treatments they have available, so that they are fit for purpose for their new patients.

Sono Bello Reviews Changing Demographics

One of the key things that they found in their review, is that young people and older people have very different expectations. What a younger person looks for is a fundamental change in their appearance. Older people dont want that. Instead, they look for restoration procedures, returning their body to its younger state.

A number of helpful comments have been made about this, including a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Their amp says that 35% of cosmetic patients were over 50 in 2010 representing a 3% increase since 2009 and 7% since 2005. Furthermore, 77% of those over 65 would happily admit having had surgery.

New Competition

It should come as no surprise that plastic surgery is increasing in popularity year on year. But it continues to be very interesting to investigate the reasons for the surgery. Baby boomers are getting older, but the economy collapsed in 2008, when they reached the regular age at which people start to feel Father Time catching up. This means that the economics weren’t right for it.

Now that the economy has recovered, people in older age groups are becoming interested in these procedures again. But the generation between the baby boomers and the Millennials is also making strides. Many of them now start to look backwards, thinking about things they would have done differently, and they want to return to some of their youth as well.

The over 50s want to look younger than ever. They want to restore their appearance, rather than change it. It is very rare for them to actually make structural changes to their body, in other words. This is something plastic surgery clinics have to respond to as well.

The Results

There are numerous factors that influence the results that someone can have. One of those is how well the individuals have looked after themselves. If they have been healthy and active most of their lives, then restoring their youthful appearance can generally be done safely and successfully. However, it is vital that surgeons also take a more medical approach to these types of procedures, fully reviewing their patients’ medical background and history so as to ensure the procedure can be completed safely. According to Sono Bello, this is where some clinics are still lacking. They forget that the needs of a senior person who wants to go under the knife are very different to those of a 30 year old having Botox for the first time. This must be taken into consideration properly to ensure patients are safe and get the results they want.