Having a soundproofed room might not be appealing to some. Still, it will be to those who entirely like to enjoy listening to music or watching movies without disturbing those who want a peaceful environment around them. It will also be beneficial for those who are into recording music on their own and want to make their room a place for practicing together with their band mates. Enjoying things without affecting the serenity of their surroundings will help all the parties concerned indulge in their satisfaction.

To properly make a soundproofed room, it would be advisable to follow these steps:

Organize and clean everything

Before anything else, you must first organize the things in the place you are planning to soundproof. Organize them in the manner that you will not be disturbed while setting up something that will help prevent the sound from escaping the room. Gather all the junk or things you deem useless and put them in a trash bag. You can entrust the disposal to one of the many companies offering junk removal New York is home to. After getting rid of the trash, you can now proceed to the next step.

Install soundproof wall blankets

The use of sound curtains and sheets will help to add thickness to the wall of the room. However, if the room already has a thick wall, it will have little effect as the wall is thick enough to keep the sound inside. Some companies sell sound curtains for 15 USD or 40 USD at most. They may be expensive, but you can use them for a long time, and you will surely reap the benefits of having a soundproofed room.

Use makeshift materials

If you want to use cheaper materials other than the sound curtains that companies sell, you can use bookshelves to thicken the wall you are planning to soundproof. You can also use egg trays. Egg trays have the same structure as the usual sound curtains sold at a higher price. Using make-shift materials will help reduce the cost of making your dream soundproofed room.

Mount items that produce big vibrations

Things like a speaker or subwoofer can create waves that can travel even through thick walls. Mount them by using a foam strong enough to support them. It will lessen the vibrations produced by the speaker and subwoofers and reduce the sound traveling through the walls. It will benefit most when you plan to use a room on a higher floor.

Provide a door rubber sweep

Put a rubber sweep under your door. Use it to prevent sound or music from escaping in the tiny space beneath the door in your room. Nailing lumber or a piece of thick wood to the bottom of the door will also help if you don’t have time to buy a rubber sweep.

Accomplishing all the simple steps provided, you can now enjoy your new soundproofed room. Making a soundproofed room doesn’t have to be expensive because there is always the option of using cheaper materials.