The cost of living is rising in many areas of the World and far too often, the rate of pay fails to rise with it. Many professionals are faced with moving to a thriving city to find work but often these cities are expensive to live in and they will need to scrap to be able to survive. Staying frugal in an expensive world is difficult but not impossible an thanks to many technological and community-based advancements, we can manage to keep things tight even when prices are rising. Here are some tips on how you can stick to your budget.


Couponing is nothing new, for years people have been buying magazines and cutting vouchers out of the back of them for a little money off their next bag of sugar. The internet however, has flipped the game on the world of couponing and websites like Groupon are now offering outstanding offers for many days out, supermarket deals, spa days and clothing savings which cannot be matched. If you want to save some cash then keep on eye on sites like this and make some huge savings.

Cashback Offers

Cashback is a great way to get money back for your purchases, simply sign up to one of the many websites that offer cashback, upload your receipt and get a portion of your money back for various products. Companies offer cashback to encourage you to buy their products, sort of a reverse promotion thing, this best bit about this is that supermarkets will often run their own promotions on the same products, so you win twice.

Stay Home More Often

In a World of laptops, tablets, Netflix and mobile phone games, we have more than enough things todo in the comfort of our own home which can stop us from going out and spending money. Recent statistics have shown that millennials are spending more and more time in the home as a result of rising costs and more in-house entertainment, join them and save some cash.

Get Sharing

The sharing economy is in full swing and you can save some money by being a part of it, companies like Uber are promoting car-pooling, AirBnb allow you to rent out your spare room and there are even websites where you can swap your goods for something of more value. This sharing economy is helping thousands of people to better live within their means and if you want to stay frugal then take advantage of as much of it as you can.

Start Selling

It has never been easier than right now to sell the stuff that you no longer need and because the marketplace is so large, essentially anyone who uses the internet, you can get great value for your old possessions. If you are in need of a cash injection then get hunting around the house for anything that you no longer want or need, list it on an auction site like eBay and turn your junk into cash.