For many of us, our bodies are our temples, and we strive to treat them as such. However, getting and staying in shape can be difficult if you do not have a steady stream of disposable income. If staying in shape is important to you, or it is important to your family, here are six ways you can stay in fighting shape without breaking the bank. You can pick and choose which to follow, but results are better if all are done in concert with one another.

1. Incorporate Walking Into Your Daily Routine

While it is easier and more pleasurable to walk outside during the warmer months, you can get a little walk in at any time of the year. Walking for just half an hour every day can help lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress. It even works beneficially if you split it up into three 10 minute strolls. 

To get the full benefit and be able to go for a walk even in the dead of winter, invest in both a good pair of walking or running shoes and a treadmill. A good pair of shoes will both increase your enjoyment of your walks and spare you from sustaining any stress caused injuries.

2. Play Playground Games

The activity expended by children is usually enough to keep them trim and healthy, and a lot of it is the games that they choose to play on the playground. Give free rein to your inner child by borrowing some of these pastimes, like running after a ball, using a jungle gym or other playground equipment or skipping rope are all great cardiovascular exercises that will benefit your overall health. With skipping rope in particular, just 10 minutes per day will greatly add to your endurance.

3. Improve Results of Your Workout

Having a regular workout routine that you do daily is usually enough to keep your body in shape, but to get the most out of each workout, consider taking the supplement citrulline malate. If you take this organic salt about a half hour before you have scheduled your workout to get the best benefits. Not only will this acid give you an extra burst of energy, but it will give your metabolism a boost. If you prefer to source this vitamin naturally, watermelon is the best provider of it.

4. Stick to a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

The old adage ‘You can’t outrun a bad diet’ is unfortunately true. Eating well and having a great amount of variety in your diet is essential for good health. Even the most effective workout regime will not fix the damage that a poor diet can do to a body. In addition to high cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, a poor diet can put you at risk of getting diabetes and packing on the pounds. Going to the gym regularly, when combined with a sensible diet is a thing most professionals agree is good for a body’s performance.

5. Invest in Small Equipment

Choosing a gym to go to can be a stressful decision to make. You have to find one that has all the amenities you are looking for, offers a supportive community, and fits in with your budget. It might be a good idea to invest in some small pieces of equipment, like individual dumbbells, medicine balls of varying sizes, and resistance bands. These can all be used to make the best, most challenging and interesting fitness challenge within the privacy of your own home. 

Many people chose not to go to a gym because they do not like working out with others. If this is you, do not let that stand in the way of you getting the workout your body deserves.

6. Get Outside Help

A lot of people find that they do well when they are held accountable for their decisions. This can be joining a class, making a profile on a health-oriented community online, or making friends that you go for walks with every day. Use the group provided by each of these to set goals for yourself and share your progress as well as sput on others. There are different apps where a licensed dietician will lay out a full menu for you, varied and nutritious.

Getting in shape or staying there is always an admirable goal. Use these six tips to keep you on track in an easy, even fun way. Remember to get just a little activity every day and you can take charge of your health. Combine physical activity with a sensible and nutritious diet and nothing can stop you. Combining exercise with diet and a supportive community is exactly what you need to get and stay in the best physical shape of your life.