Having plastic surgery has become reasonably commonplace for many people. However, that doesn’t mean it is a decision that should in any way be taken lightly. Rather, according to Stein Plastic Surgery people have to carefully weigh up the pros and cons and determine whether the procedure is right for them before going ahead. For D. Adam Stein Raleigh, NH has turned out to be one of the best places to have a plastic surgery clinic. Not only do people care about their looks, they care about their health. Time and again, he sees that they make informed decisions about their possibilities, rather than jumping into a procedure. Stein Plastic Surgery also has a very high rating after receiving countless five star reviews, with people loving the clinic’s commitment to educating patients, the fantastic skills of their surgeon, and the fact that they place such a strong focus on proper aftercare as well.

Stein Plastic Surgery Helps People Decide Whether or Not to Have a Neck Lift

Those who have decided to have neck surgery can expect Dr. Adam Stein to:

  1. Hold a preliminary consultation with them during which time their medical history will be thoroughly reviewed. Additionally, the surgeon will assess their patients’ emotional and mental attitude towards the procedure, ensuring they have realistic expectations of what can and cannot be achieved. This realistic attitude is crucial to the procedure being successful.
  2. Look at the structure of their face, neck, and jaw line. He will also inspect the skin’s elasticity, color, and texture.
  3. Take photographs of the face and neck from every angle, so that he can study this to develop the best methods of performing the procedure.
  4. Discuss and examine individual risks. This is particularly in relation to possible medical situations, including a tendency to scar, high blood pressure, smoking, blood clotting deficiencies, and so on.

If, after this, the surgeon is happy to go ahead and the patient is as well, Dr. Adam Stein will start to describe the procedure itself. Specifically, he will explain:

  • Which technique he will be using and why.
  • What type of anesthesia he recommends.
  • Where the surgery will be held, providing details about that specific facility.
  • Whether any further surgery is or may be needed or recommended.
  • What complications can happen as part of the procedure and how likely it is for those to happen.
  • What the procedure will cost and whether there are payment options for the patient to take advantage of.

The above is all incredibly important as it empower patients to make decisions that are right for them. Too often, people rush into having surgery simply because it is both available and affordable. One of the reasons why Stein Plastic Surgery has such an excellent rating is because they help to empower their patients. They place health as central to any procedure, ensuring that their patients can make the right decisions for their individual needs, based on their individual capacities.