GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The system was developed by the US and is supported by over thirty satieties.  The best GPS trackers will have certain features; all receive signals from the satellites which give them enough information to be able to track the exact location of a vehicle or even a person. It can track your vehicle at any part of a journey and also even plan the route for you to your destination. The top features of GPS are as follows.

Real time tracking this is done through a wireless network and shows you on a map where the car is and how fast it is traveling. If you have a nanny or someone who drops your children at school or other places then you might really like this facility, especially if you are a celebrity or in the limelight and therefore may be a target.

It can track all of the road trips that you make and when you make them. This can be displayed in graphical format along with information such as fuel consumption, stopping and idling time, distance travelled, average speed and so on. On more advanced systems you can actually replay the whole trip. Some of these features can help you do fuel costings and if you make the same journey repeatedly you could compare different routes in terms of time and cost and make your decision based upon this information. If you drive as a business, then this analysis may be beneficial to the success of that business.

Some GPS systems offer geofencing this an advanced level of customer alerting which can let you know when your system is out of the normal range of travel which you have pre-programmed into the GPS system., again this can be good if you may be a target and can act as a security system if the car is travelling somewhere where it really shouldn’t be.

If you have a commercial business, then dashboard summary and reporting may be very useful to you. This will let you know where and when a car was in the last ninety days. This can be beneficial if there are any disputes or problems as you can prove where this vehicle was with this driver at the exact time in question. Again, you can use the information received in data form as a way to analyze your business and to show how you can reduce costs and overheads, especially fuel costs.

Access Control & User Management will mean that you have the overall ability to amend the trackers in your fleet. You can then review this information as a whole fleet and can ensure that your business is working as efficiently as possible,

A User-friendly Interface is a must have on the GPS system; you do not want to have to spend hours working out what everything means and where you go on the device to do certain things. You want quick easy access and self-explanatory screens to make the job easier and quicker, just as you would want from a cell phone or a webpage on the internet.