If you ever considered how you can improve your employer – employee relationships then you’re probably already aware that good relationships can make a positive impact on your business.

There are two sides to good employee –employer relationships.

The first is to ensure you have a good knowledge of the law. It is advisable to get employment law support from a reputable firm. This will ensure that your employee’s needs are looked after and that both you and they are protected against issues.

The second element is harder to define. It involves building a good relationship where your employee will feel comfortable and appreciated.

An employee that feels valued and enjoys coming to work is likely to work harder and be more productive.

The Impact of a Positive Employer – Employee Relationship

To build a good relationship you’ll need to make your employees responsible for their action and be prepared to listen to their ideas and suggestions. The more the employer is available the more connected the employee will feel.

You’ll need to be part of their projects and set them goals which push them but are achievable.

If you can do this then the positive impact on your business will be growth through:


A happy employee will focus more on the task in hand and work harder. This will be reflected in the fact that they are more productive and the quality of their work is higher.

You can set your employees targets to improve their productivity but most businesses find that productivity improves in line with the employer – employee relationship.


It is fundamental for the survival of any business to be constantly on the lookout for expansion opportunities.

This is how a business can grow and stay ahead of the competition. But it can be difficult to expand into a new sector or even target a competitor’s market.

Fortunately good employer – employee relationships make this easy. Your staff will be the best ambassadors that your business has. Their vocal support of the business can drive a surprising increase in sales.

New products

Your staff is generally interested in the products and the industry your company operates in. This means they know what works and what doesn’t.

They are also the most likely to think of new products that can work with or alongside your existing ones. If you are open to suggestions then they can provide you with the ideas to push your business forward and above your competition.


A good employer – employee relationship will help to ensure that your staff is loyal and unlikely to move jobs. In short, if you take care of them they will take care of you.

This can save a small fortune in the advertising and training costs associated with hiring new staff. These resources can be used to push your business forward and ensure that you are at the front of your industry instead of playing catch up all the time.

A good employer – employee relationship really can make the difference between a successful business or not.