Are you starting to get itchy feet in terms of work and you’re thinking about moving onto pastures new? While many people want to have something in place before they make the big move into quitting their current jobs, it’s never a bad time to have a look at what’s out there or deciding on your next options. If you’re interested in trying something new, retraining and going back to school or just changing it up inside your current corporation, there are always many options. Here are some of the top options available for those looking for a new challenge.

Going Back To School

Going back to school to get a degree or certification of some kind is often one of the top choices that people make when they want to change career. Depending on if or what kind of degree you may already have, you can in many cases move credits or get credit in other courses at your university or other schools. Taking a new course in something completely different can be a great way to shake things up and generate a new interest in school and career. In fact, you can find your first legal job easily by going back to school to take courses in law, something many people are finding is enticing with poor economies around the world.


Retraining is similar to going back to school but doesn’t necessarily require years behind a desk writing essays and attending lectures. Retraining can be something as easy as taking company-designed courses specifically designed to help people like you to move up and around in the company. New to the analyst side of things? Some companies will help you prepare for new roles by hosting training days and courses on site. Check with your manager to see if this is something you can work into your performance plan.

Moving Up

When in doubt, if you don’t want to leave your current company, consider a lateral or move above your current station. Many companies often have openings that need filling due to retirements, people moving out of town, moving to other companies and the like, so check and see if something has opened up internally that piques your interest. This can be written into current performance plans as well, with an aim to helping you train or prepare for potential moves within the company if you aren’t quite ready.

Go It Alone

These days many people are choosing to take on freelancing as a way of making money and it’s a hugely popular option especially for those people who like to take on new challenges as well as love the idea of being their own boss. Do you have a marketable skill you can sell to people needing a service or product? Put it to work for you on sites like Elance, People Per Hour or Freelancer.

There you have a couple of great ways you can start to make moves into the new year in terms of career. With so many cool options, what will you pick?