It’s almost summer time and summer means a lot more skin showing as we don our shorts and tank tops and swim gear to hit the town with our friends to enjoy the longer evenings and warmer weather. For some of the top beauty tips to really get the most out of this upcoming summer season, read ahead and stay on top of the curve to be at your absolute best all summer long.


By this we mean head hair. There is a bit of a buzz on at the moment in some beauty circles about the benefits of styling brushes specific to your individual needs – curling brushes, straightening brushes and the like. The fried look for hair is well and truly done and people are starting to embrace more hair friendly ways to get the looks they want. If you need to use hot styling tools like straighteners, curling irons and the like, limit the use and make sure to prepare the hair with a heat protecting spray and follow up with regular treatments of Argan or other oils for hair.


The barely there look for makeup is coming back, dewy skin, glossy flushed lips and slightly smeared eyeliners are all making a comeback. There’s something slightly sexy about the look that suggests you were lightly misted in the rain, and that’s what this look aims to achieve. For the perfect smudged eyeliner, kohl pencils are ideal, then smudged with either your fingertips or a cotton bud. Either way, if you can’t master the perfect eye flick, no need to worry!

Body Hair

The unsightly body hair – every woman’s nightmare. Getting rid of unwanted body hair almost comes across as a full time job some days, and for good reason, with under arms, legs, bikini areas (and sometimes more, depending on your preference!) to consider, you run out of time shaving quicker than you’d like! Instead go for the longer term look this year and set your bets with waxing. waxing products for all parts of the body, and the best wax for really stubborn coarse dark hair is microwaveable, strip-free wax. It creates a hardened strip for you to grab hold of yourself, and leaves a flawless look, every time.


People are clocking onto how tanning can be super bad for you if done too frequently and companies are figuring out how to give you that sun kissed look without turning you tangerine. Tanning lotions and in shower tanning lotions are becoming all the rage to start building up that back from the beach look without having to subject yourself to hours under a tanning bed or laying out in the sun – both of which can be potentially harmful. Instead this season stock up on some fake tan and apply it gradually for a few weeks to start getting that bronzed appearance. Way better for your skin’s health!

So there you have some great tips on the beauty trends that are coming out for summer this year. For more on these trends and others, be sure to check out this great e-book, chock full of more great tips, tricks and products to help make this summer the best yet!