Some people seem blessed to be able to fall asleep anywhere, everywhere and at the drop of a hat. Once the lights go out, they too are out like a light. It can be infuriating if your partner seems to be able to just drop off with little to no help, leaving you laying there in the dark, wondering why you can’t sleep. There could be a number of reasons why you are left tossing and turning in the night, so here are a couple of tips to help you have the best sleep you can!

Stick To A Schedule

Sticking to a specific sleeping schedule can really help regulate your body’s natural clock and can go a long way to helping you get to sleep and stay asleep each night. This can also help with the regulation of melatonin in your brain, the drug that our bodies naturally produce to help us know when it’s time to sleep and wake. Sleeping on a schedule, even on days off or at the weekend can go a long way to helping your sleeping pattern develop.

Do Something Relaxing

This sounds easier said than done. Did you know that using screens in the bedroom actually can stimulate our brains? Phones, TVs, tablets and more could actually be keeping you awake. Instead, set a time each night by say ten or eleven by which point you will no longer use something connected to a screen. Instead get reacquainted with an old favourite book, take a bath or even listen to the radio softly while you get the bed prepared.

Herbs, Herbs and More Herbs

Herbs are a great helper to get you to sleep, and you don’t even need to necessarily consume them! Things like lavender through scent alone can help relax the mind and body. Stuff a small muslin bag with herbs like lavender and chamomile and sleep with it under your pillow for a relaxing burst of scent as you move around through the night.

Mattresses, Pillows and Beds

Sometimes it’s actually our mattress or bed that is the problem when we have tried seemingly everything else to get to sleep and stay asleep. Consider purchasing an adjustable electric bed which can be incredibly useful for changing positions to sleep in ever so slightly – or more dramatically – to help you find the perfect position for you.


Temperatures in rooms are incredibly important. Most people find that they would prefer a cooler room to a warmer one, but extremes of both temperatures makes it difficult to sleep comfortably. Instead find the perfect temperature for you, sleep with the window cracked a little bit (even in the winter, if it helps!) or sleep with a fan. A lot of people find they need some kind of covering on them, such as a sheet in the summer months, so consider making that a change in your bed as well.

So there you have some great suggestions on how to make bedtime work for you, even if you struggle and have issues. Stop laying awake at night and try some of these tonight and check out the infographic below for some useful details about sleep!