There is a fine line between being comfortable with fetishes and going overboard to the point of revulsion. For some people, however, this brings up a capital question: Why risk putting yourself in such an uncomfortable position, to begin with? Because we all have fetishes and fantasies, whether we like to admit it or not. Sexuality is far more complex than most of us give it credit and it has a profound effect on various aspects of our lives, not just the bedroom. Do you need any proof? Just look at relationships that are struggling to rekindle the fire.

Sex is a perfect reflection of where partners currently stand as a couple. Fetishes, on the other hand, are solely the means to explore what turns us on and gets us off. It is incredibly vital for relationship maintenance to think outside of the box when under the sheets. Love needs a revolution every now and then because even the most adventurous sex escapades will lose their verve over time. That is why it is necessary to be inventive and open to new experiences. We all possess a sexual vocabulary and it is never too late to improve on it.

There are kinks we all might love

Well, not literally everyone, but most of us can understand why people indulge in them. It is, after all, a release, a behavior which allows us to be who we are deep inside. And the interesting thing about fetishes is that it is all just a matter of personal taste. Those which coincide with our values and preferences are deemed “normal”, whereas those that don’t are quickly labeled as weird or creepy. But do not be so quick to judge, though! What you find to be normal may also be unconventional to others so work on your happiness rather than invade someone else’s.

Whether it’s using sex toys and masturbators, worshipping a specific body part or consensually behaving in inappropriate ways, fetishes come in many forms. So without further ado, here is a selection of digestible kinks, which we all have a tendency to indulge


This one may sound narcissistic but who wouldn’t like to have a mirror nearby for that completely new angle on everything that’s going on in the bed? In fact, you’d be surprised just how people get inventive when they have one installed either as a part of the furniture or on the ceiling. Katoptronophilia is the love of watching sex happen through the mirror because it brings a whole new visual dimension to the experience. It is a perfect way to introduce you to your (and your partner’s) performance, plus it can visually bring a lot of eye candy that will turn you on even more. This kink is also good because it can “reflect” other kinks that you are also willing to indulge.

Video recording

Similar to mirrors, recording your sessions can be an immense turn-on because you finally get the chance to see yourself perform. Recorded footage can teach you a lot of things, just remember to keep it private if you do not want any prying eyes to find it accidentally. On the other hand, with the expansion of the porn industry and fetish communities, you can easily make some dough with that content, too. Remember, on official websites, you get to control what gets to be published and you get to decide who has the right to view your videos. If you never tried to record yourself during sex, give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

Wet and messy

Are you into sloppy sex? Do you like when things go a bit overboard? There is a sexual fantasy which involves food and a healthy dose of messiness. Also known as sploshing, this fetish is all about utilizing edible paints, lubes, gels, and comestibles to add a little spice into the routine. Moreover, there are even specialized tanks suited for that purpose so you can go full-on messy with your partner. And if you got some quality cooking skills, whip up a creamy chocolate dessert and see where the fun takes you when you bring it to bed.

Creating suspense

We all like to talk dirty to our partner but the key component that turns up the heat in that dynamic is actually the suspense that builds up. Being on the verge of having sex fuels our imagination and gets the blood pumping. This type of sexual provocation falls into the category of BDSM because it deeply relies on curbing our urges and appetites until we are about to explode. This is a common practice among sub-dom couples who love to exercise their power or lack of it. Roleplaying, reenacting scenes, and costume play are perfect platforms where you can create suspense and explore each other’s desires.