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Given how easy it is to post negative comments online, you might feel surprised to see a lot of them aimed against your company. Some of those comments might be accurate, and you are already working on them. However, many others are way too far from reality. It is quite frustrating to read those comments, but you cannot stop anonymous posters from doing what they are doing. The best option is to counter the narrative and find ways to tell the truth.

Hire a reputation manager

If you cannot fight all these trolls since you are too busy managing different things, you can hire a reputation manager to do the job. This person will ensure that if there are negative reviews or comments, the correct record will be available. These bad comments could pop up any time, and you want to counter them as soon as they appear before they spread.

Allow your loyal followers to defend you

If you have a great brand and you are confident about what you have to offer, you do not need to worry about these trolls. Your followers will set the record straight on your behalf. They know what you have to offer and they do not mind defending you. If you know that certain reviews and narratives are incorrect, you do not need to do anything to set the record straight.

Keep spreading positive information

If you do not want to let these trolls take over, you need to keep spreading positive information about your business. Focus on building your company instead of retaliating. These companies will get tired at some point. They also need to grow their business instead of relying on pulling you down.

Remain endearing to your audience

You know that the people who dislike your brand will remain that way even if you try your best to win them over. Your goal is to retain your loyal followers and win those who are yet to decide. Therefore, it helps if you post information regarding exclusive deals and discounts. Let them know if there are upcoming activities that they can join. Bombard everyone with positivity, and it will be enough to overcome the negative campaign hurled against you. Besides, if your brand focuses on positive values, now is not the time to change that. You can use rollerbanners to spread information about these deals and allow people to choose your products and services.

Talk to people in private

If you receive negative reviews and messages and you think they are legitimate, you need to address them. Reply to them in private to ask about their concerns. If they have contact information available, you can also call them. Let them know that you care about them and you are trying your best to improve your services.

Do not panic when you see terrible comments. You can deal with them as you deal with appalling remarks about you. As long as you know the truth and you are working hard to provide your customers with what they deserve, there is nothing to worry about.