What comes to your mind when we ask you which is the most romantic festival of all times? Valentine’s day? Isn’t it? But, we believe that it should and always have been the new years. New Years give us chills and thrills as we think of what God has kept in store for us. Some might get one step closer to their dream job, while others start their love life all new and fresh. Hence, we believe that New Years is every couple’s day of love, other than their anniversary or Valentine’s day. If you are one of those people who have found their love of life, this year and are looking for some special New Year gift items to pamper them, then you might be looking for some ways to express your unconditional love infront of him/her on New Years. That is the reason, we have suggested some romantic ways to express your love to your partner, this new years eve. If you want to know more, keep reading this article!

  • A Midnight Kiss – Since ages now, couples who are madly and deeply in love kiss on midnight before they ring into the new year. It’s an old tradition but still, this tradition has been seen to take people aback. You can make some romantic arrangement like decorating the place with some candles, fairy lights and flowers to give your expression of love – your own personal touch.
  • Dance To Your Favourite Romantic Track – Waltz all heart away along with your lovely partner on your favourite romantic tracks on New Year.  Set up the home theatre or your audio system, dress up in your favourite tuxedo/dress and ask your partner to even. And let the magic begin as you both enjoy a moment filled with love and romance.
  • Try Out A New Cuisine – Love gets best expressed over food, so why not visit some new restaurant to try out a new cuisine? Sounds quite like a fantastic way of spending some quality time together with your partner. Isn’t it? There are lots of continental cuisines that have been left un-tried by your both. S kick start your New Year celebrations with your bae by trying out something new – in terms of cuisine.
  • Open A Bottle Of Champagne – Make your New Years celebration as bubbly as champagne. Pop up a bottle of champagne along with your partner to raise a toast to the love shared by you both and with the hope for a great year together. We bet your partner is gonna understand how much you value or care for this relationship.
  • Plan A Getaways Or Staycation: Just For A Night – Two to three hours before, go and pick up your partner from his/her residence. Leave him/her surprised to the core as he/she keeps guessing what’s going on in your mind. Make an impromptu getaway or staycation plan at someplace nearby so that you both can return back to the city – the very next day.
  • Plan Ice Skating Date – Remember the last time when your partner expressed his/her desire you going an ice skating? It’s time to make his/her dreams come true. Take him/her to the nearest ice skating rim and surprise him/her to the core. We bet your partner would be jumping out of excitement.

So, these were some of our suggestions that you can take to express your partner secretly that you love him/her on New Years. Make some necessary arrangements, set your plan and surprise you darling to speak of love and all the wonderful feelings of the world. Good Luck!