Having your home burglarized could be the most scary and traumatic event of your life. Burglary at home could disrupt your emotional stability, not to mention the financial costs of repairs loss of valuables, and even medical care in the aftermath.

It is therefore important to take every caution within your means to keep yourself, your property and your loved ones safe. There are some effective and cheap tricks to keep your home safe but for impregnable home security, you will have to spend a few dollars.

Here are tips to safeguard your home against burglary and crime.

Get a security review

A security review helps you understand the level of risk you are facing. It seeks to identify possible threats and put in place mitigating measures.

Conduct your own security review assessing your environment and circumstances. This begins with knowing your neighborhood and neighbors and identify possible security threats. These could be bushy surroundings and lack of streetlights to illuminate the dark places.

The next step is to get professionals to do your security review. This can be the police or a security farm. Security experts are better placed to analyze and test your home security and furnished with the local crime data, can offer invaluable advice on how to better secure your home.

The take in consideration factors such as your job and neighborhood in account while your security threats. Your job could make you a target for crime either because of its nature or your travelling time.

The security review should examine the physical security systems of your home such as surveillance cameras, entry points and locks. It should also look into the background of the visitors and employees.

Install a home security system

A home security system doesn’t cost much protects your lives and valuable investments.

The first goal of a good security system is to deter crime before it happens. This is why an alarm is an important component of your home security system. Alarms go off when there an intrusion and most the time there existence alone is enough to deter most burglars.

The more daring ones will be put off by the splitting noise when the alarm eventually goes off. You can complement your alarm system with motion detectors.

Security cameras are equally important in deterrence as well offering evidence should there be a security breach at your home. Through a security camera system, you can remotely monitor whatever goes on around your home.

You can also get a gun from Air Rifle Center to further bolster your security efforts.

Due diligence

All that investment will count for naught if you invite dubious people to your home. Not everyone you invite to your home has good intentions. Some can be criminals studying the weakness in your security for an attack.

It is therefore important to do a background check on your employees like nannies and service contractors to make sure they don’t have a criminal background.

More importantly, control the access non-family members have of your house. Never allow visitors the unrestricted movement around your house and definitely not to rooms you keep your valuables.