There are many people around the World who have a special gift when it comes to photography and taking excellent shots across a range of subjects. Somewhat unfortunately many of these highly gifted people only fell their creative skills by way of a hobby rather than turning their love for photography into a money making career.

I have a buddy, Joshua Manocherian, who used to work in real estate but his real passion lay in the art of photography and after much pressure form his friends, Josh decided to go for it and turn it into a money maker. Here we are 2 years on and he is making a great living and spends his timed doing what he loves, taking photos. Let’s take a look then at some of the ways which a photographer can turn their passion into a way of making cold, hard cash.

Wedding Photographer

There are literally thousands of weddings each year that take place and all of them will call on the skills of a photographer to capture their special day. On top of this, couples are prepared to pay big money for professional style photographs and that means that anyone with a talent for this kind of photography can make big bucks. Using social media and attending wedding fairs makes it easy for wedding photographers to put themselves out there and if they do a great job then everyone at the wedding will be telling people about how great their photographer was which will lead to many more bookings.


There are many photographers around the World who have turned a photography blog into a real money spinner. There are blogs that teach people how to take photographs, create a community of photographers and money can be easily made by way of advertising or through affiliate sales. There is a lot of competition in this side of things, such is the simplicity of setting up a blog but those who have gained popularity are making lots of cash.

Selling Prints

There are more magazines and e-zines than ever before and all of them want to get their hands on great prints. Many photographers who specialize in a particular field, sports, nature etc. have very strong relationships with online magazines who will regularly buy their prints. The prices that some of the larger magazines are willing to pay for a high quality print is at times staggering and there are some incredibly wealthy magazine photographers out there.


Many photographers have turned their ability into a way of making money though inspiring others. There are a lot of people out there who would love to learn how to take better photos or how to develop their own shots and many people offer lessons to help the amateurs out. Many give lessons across YouTube and look to make advertising revenue whereas others will give direct lessons for a fee, wither online or in person.