For us, the love and the respect our parents share for each other is something we even someday look forward to having. Just like the two pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle, both of them fit together so damn fine. Isn’t it? The fairytale we have heard from our grandparents, we see it coming true when we see our parents fighting together against all odds, happily and being together in love. This is the reason why parents’ anniversaries are such a big part of our lives and hence, nothing can ever go wrong while planning some surprises for them. Everything, be it the party venue, party food, etc. needs to be ensured that they are perfect. But if you are hitting the pause button while figuring out how to surprise your parents on their upcoming wedding anniversary, then sit back and read through this article. We are quite sure you will get a better idea of some fantastic ways to surprise them on the joyous occasion of the anniversary. So, watch out, people for some awesome ideas!

  • Bake An Anniversary Cake For them – Nothing would be able to conquer their hearts on such a major level if you aren’t thinking of baking them an anniversary special cake. You can look for many anniversary cake recipes online, something inclined to their preference or choice and get all the ingredients ready, a day before. If you think, you are not quite a baker soul, then you can simply order an anniversary cake along with cake delivery in Mumbai or to whichever place that your parents are residing.
  • Cook A Special Menu For Them – Love gets best conveyed over a home cooked meal prepared with lots of love by one. And when you cook a special meal in honour of your lovely parents, they will absolutely be left speechless. You can get all the courses of a meal like the appetisers, small bites, main courses and desserts finalised, a day or two prior so that you don’t run out of any ingredients while cooking the meal for them.
  • Decorate The House – Parents anniversaries are no less important than our own birthdays, anniversaries and other such special days. This is why it goes even without saying to surprise your beloved parents by decorating the house with colourful streamers, polaroid photographs from their wedding day/honeymoon and with twinkling fairy lights. Your parents wouldn’t be expecting something like this, which is why it will be perfect to make them feel special on their day of love.
  • Send Them On A Vacation – Have they secretly wished to visit some holiday destination? It’s time to pick up from there hints and to surprise them with an anniversary special vacation. Make all the necessary arrangements like hotel bookings, sightseeing and everything sorted on their behalf and on the day of the anniversary, surprise them with the itinerary. They will be absolutely thrilled with your surprise.
  • Organise A Mini Wedding For Them – Help them celebrate their day of love, just the way they did, a year/s before on this date. Renew their vow, make them fit in their gorgeous wedding clothes and call some near and dear ones to join them for the event. Something like this will rekindle their romance and will make an excellent anniversary surprise.
  • Personalised Photo Frame – Pull out all those special memories of them in the form of black and white photographs and get them all framed doing a “then and now” series over a beautiful personalised frame. Happy tears will surely roll down their eyes as you choose to surprise them in this beautiful manner.
  • One -Night Staycation – If they don’t have the confidence to try out some new place all by themselves, all you can do is make a romantic arrangement at some nice hotel in the outskirts of the city. Arrange for a fine view room with some special amenities to enjoy indoor/outdoor around the hotel campus. It will be a dream come true moment for them to be able to spend some quality time together on their anniversary.

So, these were some of our finest suggestions to surprise your dearest parents on their upcoming anniversary. Hope you liked them all! 🙂