Nobody likes a gossip. Well, that’s not exactly true all the time, is it? There’s always a time and place for that hot goss, and in this case, we’ll welcome our loose-lipped friends with open arms when it comes to the run up to this year’s E3 in LA.

We’ll happily eat up any buzz, rumor, or leak that’s hit the web as we try to figure out what to expect from the biggest gaming expo. As we march steadily closer to the event each day, we’ve amassed quite a collection of potential facts that we’re willing to share. Keep reading to take a sneak peek at what’s come in June.

Microsoft Is Growing Up And Moving Out


Let’s face it, as much as we love our Xbox, they’re forever stuck in Sony’s shadow. Past E3s have seen them presenting their press conference before Sony, sharing the West Hall with Sony, and competing against Sony’s comprehensive gaming library. This year could change everything, as Microsoft has made its solo move to the South Hall and secured an early press conference date set one whole day before its competitor.

Microsoft has lost some square footage in the move, but it’s gained privacy in its separate location. The move is like hanging a “no Sonys allowed” sign on its treehouse door. The company’s setting up an exclusive campus where they can unveil hands-on first looks at Scorpio and Xbox exclusive games.

Phil Spencer has confirmed Scorpio will be the star of their press conference before releasing some specs regarding its hardware. Though a lot of the console is still shrouded in mystery, we know it has a real shot of making 4K a reality, as it 8-core x86 CPU, 6 teraflop GPU, and 12GB DDR5 makes it 30% faster and 4.6 times more powerful than the Xbox One S.

So far, State of Decay 2 is the only game to receive an official confirmation of its attendance at E3, but we’re betting we’ll see Sea of Thieves at the expo, too.

Sony Unveils New Games


As the only company that isn’t revealing any new hardware this year, Sony’s going to use its extra square footage it’s gained in Microsoft’s move to flaunt its PSVR, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim. It’ll be great to see these consoles in action if you didn’t make the leap to any of these systems last year. What with Sony’s difficulties streaming all games in native 4K, it’s not a total shock if you skipped over these consoles.

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Since Sony didn’t have any console diverting its attention, that means they’ve concentrated on making a huge library of games set for imminent release. We expect to see gameplay of a ton of titles at E3, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Detroit: Become Human, and Days Gone.

We’re also pretty much guaranteed a look at Spider-Man, as the game supports the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film set to hit theaters July 5. After garbage press release after garbage press release revealing both Magneto and Captain America as literal Nazis, Marvel needs this. Though far less certain, we hope to see a bit of gameplay of Kojima’s mysterious pet project, Death Stranding.

Nintendo Supports Its Wildly Popular Switch


In a release that surprised absolutely no one, Nintendo has confirmed it will not hold a press conference at E3 this year. The gaming company hasn’t hosted a briefing since 2012, as it prefers to release its latest news through Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse livestreams.

Without a conference jamming up its schedule, it will have the entire expo to show off the latest games in support of Switch. It’s a good move on Nintendo’s part. When Switch first came onto the market back in March, its main draw was Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Don’t get us wrong, with a near perfect Metacritic score, Breath of the Wild is an amazing game, but the remaining kinetic games were a bit of a letdown. We expect to see the company roll out Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros., and Splatoon, all of which should see an official launch around the holidays.

As you can tell, we’ve managed to flesh out official announcements with a lot of unconfirmed details, but that’s part of the fun in the lead up to the industry’s biggest event. We live for speculation, so let us know if you’ve heard of anything different.