Have you ever had a missed call, or were in the process of receiving a call, only to find that the number is not in your contacts? You may not want to answer because you’re afraid it’s a cold call, and you don’t want to ring them back in case it is a scam prime number. Luckily, you can use a reverse phone lookup instead.

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Essentially, it is a service whereby you are show what individual or company a telephone number is registered to. It will also show you where, geographically, the number is listed, which can be useful if no names are registered to it. In a nutshell, it will tell you straight away who rang you.

There are lots of online services that allow you to do this. They have a database of numbers and they search through that until they find a match. This is then shown on your screen. While this sounds like a huge process, it only takes a fraction of a second.

A lot of lookup services are completely free to use. Some, however are paid for. There are some key differences between those two options other than the fact that one costs money and the other one doesn’t. Free services usually only allow you to search for landline telephone numbers, and not with cellphones Furthermore, they will usually give you the name against which it is listed, but nothing else. Paid for services may also provide you with the address.

We live in a world where free and better are almost synonymous. When you enter the telephone number you are looking up in Google, you will instantly see thousands of results for that number. Those are the free lookup services. However, in this you instantly see what the problem is as well. After all, every phone number should be unique, so why are you getting thousands of results? This is mainly because numbers are grouped together, which means you will actually see the result for that group, such as a certain area code, and not for the specific number.

Furthermore, the reality is also that most people now use mobile phones rather than landlines. The only way you will find someone by their mobile number, is if they have used it to register on a public forum like Facebook. Hence, the reality is that you more than likely have to use a paid for service. You’ll be happy to know, however, that these services don’t cost a lot of money. Furthermore, you are right in being weary about answering calls from people you do not know. There are a lot of phone scams out there, after all, and it is all too easy to get caught up in one. Hence, besides using a  reverse phone lookup service, you may also want to use a blocking service, which means any future calls from particular numbers are instantly declined.