For Kevin Rolle Alabama his home, which is why he gladly took on the position of Executive Vice Present and COO of the Alabama A&M University. Frederick Law Olmsted designed the university’s ground and, in 2002, the J.F. Drake Memorial Learning Resources Center was renovated. In so doing, a 15,000 distance learning auditorium was added, as well as a variety of other educational opportunities.

Originally a land grant university, it is also home to the State Black Archives Research Center and Museum, which are found in the James H. Wilson Building, which is nationally registered. It is also home to the Louis Crews Stadium, which Rolle is particularly proud of, as it is the 6th largest in all of the state. The Mamie Foster Student Living/Learning Complex was opened in 1994. One year later, construction started on the School of Business faculty, the residence hall, and the stadium. In 2002, construction completed on the Engineering and Technology building and the first classes were held here in 2003.

Under Rolle’s guidance, the school has also started construction on a new residence hall, which will hold 600 beds. Plus, on April 15, 2009, the Normal Historic Preservation Association was incorporated. This ensures that the National Historic District will be protected.

Academic Information

The school offers four doctoral degrees, one EdS, 23 master’s programs and 41 bachelor’s degrees. It does this through its five schools, being:

  1. The School of Graduate Studies.
  2. The College of Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences.
  3. The College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences.
  4. The College of Business and Public Affairs.
  5. The College of Agricultural, Life and Natural Sciences.

It boast a 20:1 student faculty ration and 86% of courses have less than 40 students per class. There are 348 faculty members in professional, graduate, and undergraduate programs. It is home to students from 12 countries including the US and 44 states. 42% of those have gone to college for the first time. Furthermore, the school has 93 student organizations and clubs, and 75% of students take part in community service projects.

Rolle’s Contributions

One of the key contributions that Rolle is proud of is the partnership he forged with six research universities in Alabama and NASA, which is the NSSTC (National Space Science and Technology Center). The NSSTC wishes to improve collaboration and joint working between industry, academia, and government research.

Additionally, he has been at the heart of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, which was established in 1914 by the Smith-Lever Act, which aimed to ensure Alabama residents could receive educational outreach through its land grant universities, being Auburn University and Alabama A&M university. Through the system, some 800 faculty is employed, as well as staff members and professional educators. They work across the 67 counties of Alabama, together with the Agricultural Experiment Station.

For Rolle, Alabama A&M University is the place to be for anyone who is interested in receiving a world-class education in a center of history.