If you have decided that you want to purchase a sauna, you also have to think about the type of sauna heater you want to install. This is an important decision, because the heater will determine how the sauna will operate. The four key options out there are the gas/propane, the wood burning, the infrared, and the electric heater. Each of these can be ceramic, aluminum, or steel.

The Different Saunas

  • An electric sauna heater will always be cool to the touch, although they heat your sauna up very quickly. They come in lots of different colors, and they are very convenient and efficient in terms of warming your sauna up. However, with sustainability being a core issue today, and the fact that electricity is getting more and more expensive, most people don’t choose these anymore.
  • An infrared sauna heater uses a much lower temperature than what an electric heater does. What these heaters do is convert light to heat. This heat only warms up physical objects, rather than the air. Hence, the temperature inside the sauna itself stays low. However, as it will heat your body up, this type of heater will make you sweat a lot. Further, the heat goes deep into your tissue, far more than what a regular sauna heater can do. This is why these types of heaters are classed as being healthier and more suitable for people with arthritis, chronic pain, sore muscle, joint pain, or stiffness. Another benefit of these heaters is that they heat up very quickly and that they are very energy efficient. And since the air doesn’t get hot, these heaters can also be used by people with breathing problems.
  • Gas/propane heaters are suitable for people who are on the gas network. It is a more convenient option than a wood burning heater, but, like electricity, gas is expensive and not a sustainable type of energy. Further, if there is improper ventilation, there can be an unpleasant odor.
  • The wood burning sauna is perfect for people who have easy access to firewood. If, for instance, you live somewhere where the electricity network is not very stable, or if you live near a forested area, then this may just be the perfect option. Generally speaking, however, you do have to have an outdoor sauna for this type of heater. A key benefit of this type of heater is that it gives you the most authentic sauna experience. Do make sure, however, that you update your insurance and that you meet all the necessary building codes and regulations in your area before you install this one. All types of heaters are convenient, but only the wood burning heater gives you that beauty and scent that is associated with heat. That said, the inconvenience of having to chop firewood all the time is also something to take into consideration, and you have to get rid of the ashes as well, which can be quite hard.