The world of POS (point of sales) systems is changing very quickly. Today, any good iPad POS for restaurants and bars will be web-based, for instance. It has completely replaced the complex pieces of software that used to be required to manage the hospitality industry. Rather than having an inventory system, an ordering system, a payroll system, and manual notes for food orders, everything now runs from a single point. Best of all, because it is online, it can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.

Another key benefit of these new systems, which are cloud-based, is that they are far more affordable. Thanks to this, even small startup diners and luncheons are able to use POS systems and benefit from them. The cloud has perhaps truly been the best invention since sliced bread, as it has completely removed the need for various complex pieces of hardware. In fact, the systems can now be operated, updated, maintained, and fixed from a remote location! If your tech team at the restaurant is concerned about the pricing of this, fear not as there are AWS savings plans out there to help you save money while hosting in the cloud. AWS can sync up with some of the POS systems to allow for optimum connection year round!

Through these online POS systems, restaurants and bars can now not just store their customer data, they can fully conduct their business. Many restaurants now request customers to leave their details, so that they will be easier to find if and when they come back to the establishment. The added benefit of this, is that it enables business to collect customer data for things like newsletters and special offers.

Key Benefits of POS Systems for Restaurants and Bars

  1. There is just one easy to use and understand interface. Orders and payments can now be taken at the table side, and management can receive a full report on exactly what they wanted very quickly. Furthermore, the system can store multiple menus, split bilsl, take payments, run reports, and more.
  2. It is highly accessible as it is fully cloud-based. Hence, if a restaurant manager is on vacation and they want to look into their restaurant, they can simply logon to the system and take a look. Employees can do the same, so long as they have the right credentials to do so. Usually, HTML 5 is employed in POS software packages, as this enables it to be system to become more visually attractive, faster, more interactive, and far more intuitive. The benefits of this to the hospitality industry is truly invaluable.
  3. There is no need for nay hardware, as everything is stored on the cloud. This also means that there is no need for in-house technical and IT staff as any issue will simple be removed remotely by the system owner.
  4. Similarly, you will always receive updates as soon as they are available, rather than having to buy a new license or package.
  5. The system is incredibly easy to use. People who work in the hospitality industry are generally not trained as IT professionals, nor should they have to be. After all, their role is to create a positive atmosphere among customers, not to be able to explain the important of HTML waritng.