For many years I was looking for a way of earning an extra income on the side of my day job, I tried selling things online, freelance work, second jobs and pretty much every chance under the sun of earning more cash. A couple of years ago a good friend of mine was extolling the virtues of Jeunesse, the beauty and skincare company who run a multi level marketing model. I decided to become a sales representative for Jeunesse and in just a short space of time, I had quit that day job to focus on this full time.

I wanted therefore, to talk about why I enjoy this kind of work so much and why you will too.

Self Employed

Although you may be working for a company, in this case Jeunesse, you are essentially self employed and this comes with  great many benefits. Being able to work whenever and however you want is something that I really love about Jeunesse and the best part is that whilst I am self employed, I have a structure behind me which lays out the best way in which to do my job.


The reason that I was able to give up my day job was because I had decided that instead of selling directly, I would employ agents who would work as part of my team. What this meant was that I could make commissions, directly from the people who were selling under me. I love that this business model encourages you to become your very own entrepreneur and the sky is really the limit in terms of what size team you can build, and most importantly, how much money you can make.


One of the things which I think that this company does very well is to constantly keep their teams inspired with success stories of others who are crushing it. I read these stories each and every month and the really fire me up to go and make even more money and sell even more products the following week.


Working for this company has been made so easy because of the huge range of tools which they have to aid you in doing the job. I have found the training material at all levels to be very informative, there are always people on hand to help you push your business or your sales even further and the actual system by which you work with the company is really second to none. Whilst this makes a lit of sense given that Jeunesse themselves make more money if I make money, meaning it’s in their best interests to help their teams out, you’d be surprised at just how many firms don’t get it right.

There is so many options for you when working for a firm like Jeunesse, whether you want to simply sell and make some side cash, or go big and create your very own team.