3 mistakes that prevent you from finding financial wellbeing

A lot of things in our life directly depend on money – both in its presence and absence thereof. Usually, for some reason we always have a lack of money. And you didn’t even think that this is because we continually make the same mistakes! Today, Zhannabelle will tell you about the most common of them and teach you what to do to become rich.

Mistake 1: wrong goal

Remember: setting the right goal is the first and main stage on the path to your material well-being. To discover your goal, first ask yourself a simple question: “What do I need money for?” As strange as it may seem, it is the goal that affects the money coming into your life. And if you need money for some personal spending, and it will not benefit anyone else, then this goal is weak and therefore unsuitable.

The money you own should also help other people. The law of the Universe works like this: the more people you help, the more power, opportunities, ideas, and ultimately funds you will have.

Here is an example of a wrong goal: “I need money to go on vacation, I want to relax.” And to compare, here’s an example of a correct goal: “I need money to go on vacation with my mother because she has never been to Europe, and I dream of showing her different parts of the world.” Do you understand the difference? The bad thing is that in the first goal, you only think about yourself and it’s only about your interests. In the second example, you need a vacation, but you also want to show new places to the person who gave you life. And this means taking care of your loved ones.

There is also the most common example of incorrectly set goals: “I need money to close a loan / pay off debts.” Keep in mind that ‘mending’ financial holes is not the goal at all! This is just a step on the way to making sure that you have the funds.

Marion (Lyon)

“After applying for a prestigious job, I didn’t visit my sister from England for almost two years. I was very tired mentally and physically but I wanted to leave to and chill out and visit my family. But the money was sorely lacking. First, I repaid all the debts, then I paid the bills, which for some reason only increased. So I set a goal: to collect the necessary amount for the trip before the beginning of autumn. However, I did not succeed; I didn’t manage to keep my stash safe and spent the saved money on household expenses. Soon, I fell into despair, but one colleague advised me to attend an online school with Zhannabelle. She said that during the classes, the mentor shares valuable knowledge with women and teaches them how to start attracting finance into their lives.

Uncertain if I should trust my colleague, I still flicked through Zhannabelle’s blog and came across an important article: ‘How to succeed in your career and business.’ And you know, it grabbed me! I believed in myself and decided to put myself in my mentor’s hands. I immediately signed up for an individual consultation, during which I heard what mistakes I had made when setting my financial goal. My first and foremost intention was to chill out; I was focused on how bad I felt. At the same time, I didn’t care about my sister’s feelings at all. A day later, I called her and she confessed how much she missed me and my support. It was as if I had woken up at that moment. I felt so bad about my family, and I was so ashamed that I didn’t come and help them.

The right goal helped me achieve success, and the money for the vacation appeared by itself. Now I have enough money to live on and I even fly to see relatives at least twice a year. I don’t even know how it happened, it was like true magic! I continue to attend Zhannabelle’s seminars and I am very grateful for all that I have already gained!”

Mistake 2: blocking paths and opportunities for the money to come

You have to admit that we often use phrases such as “money can’t buy happiness,” “money is never enough,” “you can’t make money honestly,” “money spoils,” etc. Now realize that all of these, and many other similar words, are anti-money affirmations that just hinders our financial success and programs us for failure.

“It’s too expensive,” “there’s no money for it”: similar phrases block cash flow. They should not be uttered in any case and it is better to chase away these thoughts. Moreover, you need to make sure that people around you — your family and friends — also do not say such words. We recommend that you share this article with them, or at least tell them its message.

No doubt, you will ask how to do without such common and frequently used phrases. After all, everyone has their own problems with finances. Everything is very simple: you need to replace them with others that have positive energy. Don’t say, “no money.” Better to say, “I don’t have any money right now, so I’ll buy it later.” Yes, do it this way! Choose positive words. Instead of “I won’t go to the beach because I don’t have any money,” say: ‘I can’t afford going to the beach in the summer. I will go in the fall so it is even more profitable – prices are lower, there is no heat, and there are fewer tourists.”

Helene (Budapest)

“I had a dream to go to Rome in the summer; to walk through its streets, see the Vatican, and visit museums. I saved a certain amount from each paycheck, but for some reason, at the end of the month there was never enough money, and I had to spend the money I was saving “for a dream.” So, Rome got further and further away.

I once shared my sorrows with a close friend. She took me to group sessions at Zhannabelle’s online school. First, I really liked the mentor; she won me over so much that I even signed up for an individual consultation. It was after the consultation that I realized all my mistakes – with such words as “there is never enough money,” or “there is no money” I simply blocked the cash flow from coming into my life.

I advise everyone to read the article from Zhannabelle’s blog on why her workshops are worth attending. It will help you understand and accept the mentor and encourage you to come to class and cope with your life problems. It was these classes that helped me cope with difficulties, and gain confidence and calmness. Now I know what to do to become a rich, successful woman. I am slowly getting closer to my goal: I am writing to you, and there is such a long-awaited plane ticket on the table next to me. I thank Zhannabelle for knowledge! She changed my life for the best.”

Mistake 3: incorrect filling of the well-being volume

“What is the well-being volume?” you may ask. This is not the value of wealth, love, success, health, and beauty. This is a personal power given to each of us from birth — your level of happiness.

Here is a simple example. Imagine a balloon. It is your volume of well-being. You can fill it with a variety of negative things: anger, discontent, envy, deception. But of course, it is better to fill it with joy, good deeds, and a positive attitude towards people and the world. And then you get a big bright ball that will pull you up higher and higher to new levels of self-development and happiness.

The easiest way to become rich is really very simple. You need to shake out all the unnecessary and negative stuff from your balloon and fill it with really important and good things. Forget about the insults at work, forgive the sarcastic friend, better to focus on positive thoughts and your dreams. Then money will definitely come into your life!

Ingrid (Hamburg)

“I started earning money as a teenager thanks to small part-time jobs here and there. I studied, then went to work, but I constantly felt a lack of funds. I thought: “Why is there never enough money? Why do I never have it?” I admired a beautiful dress in the window and said: “A hundred dollars is too expensive, I will never be able to afford it.”

Such life exhausted me terribly. But I once saw an article by Zhannabelle about women’s abilities, and it captured me so much that I immediately signed up for an individual consultation. I never regretted it! My mentor helped me a lot. She pointed out all my mistakes about money and told me exactly that what I was doing and saying was wrong. Zhannabelle showed the right way, and I am grateful for all that she did. And after all, I’m not the only one. The mentor has many students around the world! I heard from them so many life stories similar to mine, and I felt much better after some conversations. I recommend Zhannabelle’s online school to all my friends who are in a difficult life situation.”

Psychology of money is a very serious and high-in-demand topic. You have received only basic knowledge. To learn more, come to our classes. Bring your family and friends to group seminars and retreats. Strength will definitely come if you bring 10 new women to our school. Believe me, it works. Power has helped millions – it will also help you!