Putting your back out is one of the most widespread serious conditions affecting the British population today. Spinal and muscle injuries can leave people with chronic pain,  and sometimes unable to work. Dealing with back pain effectively is therefore a difficult issue, which even the professionals struggle to address fully. Many people turn to new health product alternatives, and alternative treatments that can prove surprisingly effective have included acupuncture and CBD products.

The number of back injuries in Britain today is incredible, and should likely be a national and economic priority to address. Over thirty million working days are lost every year to back pain, and in 2017/2018 this accounted for a full quarter of the working days lost overall. An incredible five hundred thousand people, the population of a medium-sized city, are affected by back pain in the United Kingdom. While support is offered for sufferers, some people find it hard to find effective treatment for back pain.

How to avoid back injury

Nobody is beyond the risk of a back injury, and so it is worth educating yourself and your loved ones about how to avoid being affected. The majority of cases occur at work, especially when people are not correctly trained in how to carry heavy objects, or where people sit or stand with poor posture for protracted periods of time.

However, it is also possible to give yourself a back injury outside of work if you lift, push or pull heavy objects without proper support. To avoid these dangers and to help those you avoid them, be aware of what you can lift, and remember to lift with your knees and not your back when carrying heavy items. Remember –  this is also applicable to other actions such as push-starting a car or pulling furniture around the house.

Some solutions offered

Because the pain from a back injury is effectively in the central nervous system, trying to operate pain reduction can come dangerously close to the spine. This often means it is too dangerous to risk exploratory surgery, and subsequently hard to find effective treatments for back pain. The NHS recommends that if you suffer a back injury then you must remain as active as possible, because long periods of rest can make the pain worse. Forms of exercise that are particularly good for this include swimming, pilates and yoga.

Anti-inflammatory pain-killers, such as ibuprofen, are the main professional recommendation for reducing back pain. However, before you get a subscription for ibuprofen it is very important to check that it is safe for you to take it. The NHS also recommend cold compresses to soothe the physical feeling of the region affected. Do not underestimate the importance of a positive mental attitude in helping you get through periods of pain either.

If you find that your pain does not entirely go after these options, it can also be an worthwhile to invest in legal CBD products as an alternative therapy. These precisely manufactured products are sold by specialist suppliers such as VSAVI, in the form of health supplements and e-liquids for vaping. Many people have found this solution to be effective, although like dieting it can take a few months for the full effects to be felt.