Whenever referring to developing brand new websites the smaller businesses have to make a choice. They need to hire a freelance developer or an agency. The decision is usually quite difficult to make. This is especially the case when not much knowledge about web development is in place.

Choosing an agency is often what makes more sense for the business owner. However, the web developed is normally going to get more quality from the freelance based subcontractor. This is possible in the event that the business has the necessary time to go through the applicants before making a final choice about who to work with.

Working with freelance web designers does offer many clear benefits. Here are those that should always be known.

High Cost Efficiency

The truth is that working with web development agencies is costly. They do normally offer a wonderful product but you have to deal with different overhead fees, like benefits, employee salaries, office space, 401k plans and travel compensation. Modern applications like ShiftPixy give you access to a way to find people to get work done really fast and with only a fraction of the expense you normally have to deal with when working with web development agencies. Freelance programmers and web designers normally work from home in a small office. They tend to have low overhead expenses so rates charged are a lot lower.

Access To A Diverse Skill Set

So many different freelancer types exist at the moment and the experience levels of the subcontractors can vary from tens of years of website building to the very first project handled. The experienced developers are those that have a really diverse background. This can include agency knowledge and experience associated with the use of various platforms.

The subcontractors normally diversify skill sets so that client base can be widen. Freelancers that have been working on websites for a lot time usually have expertise in many different code platforms and languages, like ecommerce, WordPress, CSS and PHP. Employers gain access to a lot of flexibility for future development at a fraction of the price of the agencies.

Access To Other Experienced Freelancers

Whenever freelancers are established as highly successful subcontractors, there is a huge possibility that they have working relations with others that specialize in other things so that skills are complimented. Partnerships will allow freelancers to actually expand capabilities. As an example, a web developer that is specialized in web programming could also offer some graphic design services because of working with a partner. The small business can thus get access to a full service without needing to work with an agency.

Finding A Great Freelance Developer

Remember the fact that there are also disadvantages of working with freelancers. The big one is that many are not actually as good as they would like you to think. It is really important that you are careful and that you find a freelance developer that is actually highly experienced. When you do this, the advantages for small businesses are quite high.