If your company wants to hire a new employee, it is very important that you background check people who you are considering for the role. There are many reasons for doing that, which have been done for hundreds of years. You need to confirm these people are who they say they are, and that they have the educational and professional experience that they claim they have. At the same time, it is important that you make sure you don’t bring someone dangerous into your company, such as someone who has had multiple sex offenses.

The world has gone completely digital, which means that you can now complete a background check online with ease. In fact, you can even do this for free, although the results may be somewhat questionable. Rather, professional background check tools should be part of your arsenal or toolkit to find the right candidate.

How to Check People’s Background for a Job

The first thing you have to do is conduct a proper interview with the candidate. There is no point completing an extensive, lengthy, and sometimes expensive background check on someone who is never going to be a good candidate after all. The interview will also give you a chance to confirm the individuals’ details, which you will need for the background check itself.

Asking the right questions is very important. Naturally, during interview, you will ask questions that relate to the role. In a sense, however, you are already checking their background because you want to confirm how they would respond to certain professional situations, something they should have learned through their work history. Of course, you will have already carefully looked over their resume and you should ask questions that confirm the things that are stated on that resume. This is a simple way to check whether your applicant is honest or not.

If, after this, you feel the applicant could be a good addition to your team, you are likely to ask for professional references and perhaps also a character reference. Again, these are a type of background check that allows you to see whether someone is who they say they are. But then, there is the actual background check as well. This is something that you must inform the applicant about, as you cannot run a full background check without consent, unless you only look up very specific public records. Generally speaking, employers don’t have the time to go through different county offices where an applicant could have lived in the past, choosing instead to run a full check, about which they inform the applicant as well.

There are now numerous online background check sites that you can use to do this. Some have results available in a matter of minutes. That said, you do have to make sure that you use a reputable agency for this. After all, you don’t want to end up with incorrect results and base an employment decision on that.