Whether you live out in the country or in an urban neighborhood, it really is possible to have a pond in your backyard. Of course, the size of your pond and the kinds of fish you can raise is dependent upon the amount of land you have available, but if you have space there are some amazing environmental benefits to having your very own pond in your yard.

1. Water Conservation

Have you ever lived through a drought when the city or county banned the use of water for anything but household use during those dry months of summer? Especially in southern states, this is one of the worst things a homeowner wants to hear. Grass which goes unwatered for even a few days quickly turns brown and withers away. It may take weeks for it to come back once you can start watering again, so why not recycle the water out of your pond. You can dig a runoff back to the pond so that water is recycled over and over again.

2. Fewer Chemicals Filter into the Water Supply

In order to make this work, you would need a good quality water pump and filter, which you can find reviewed on My Gardening Network. In study after study, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that the majority of pollutants in our water supply comes from chemical runoff, which ends up in reservoirs. A good filter will keep any runoff from your lawn clear of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, should you choose to use them. Of course, being concerned with the environment, you probably only use organic compounds, but those can be toxic to humans and animals as well.

3. Promoting Environment Awareness

Do you have kids in your family? If so, a pond promotes an environmental awareness in children that is more effective than any elementary science lesson could be at school. They get to see your pond ‘in action’ as it filters chemicals out of the water and it teaches them the importance of caring for the natural gifts we have been given on Mother Earth and encourages a green lifestyle. Let them grow fish to see just how excited they will be when watching the life cycle of these creatures that require little care except clean water and food.

4. Less Area to Mow!

Now then, you may be thinking of the benefit to your aching back in having much less lawn to mow once a pond is set in the backyard, but think about the impact mowing that grass has on the environment. Again, according to the EPA, Americans use more than 800 million gallons of gas each and every year to mow their lawns. Think of the pollutants this is emitting into the atmosphere and how we are depleting our natural resources (fossil fuels) by using this amount of gas merely to mow a lawn.

Alongside the benefits to the environment, you will find that your pocketbook benefits as well! You will be spending less money on piped-in water and if you decide to stock your pond with fish, throw in some edible fish which will reduce your grocery bill by that much more. When you look at a pond from this perspective, you can’t help but wonder why more families don’t dig their very own pond.