Today, women all over the world are becoming more empowered. They are seen in all sorts of different industries and every sector of life, making it undeniable that they have a voice and that they have equal rights. It doesn’t matter whether a woman comes from America or Argentina, Australia or China, she has it in herself to achieve greatness. So what are some examples of women that others can look up to?

Women in Literature

Perhaps the best known female figure in literature is Helen Keller. She came from a highly conservative background. Her parents were German immigrants to the United States and her father fought in the Confederate Army. Aged 19, Helen became ill with what is now believed to be meningitis, leaving her deaf and blind. But she overcame this, obtained a strong education, and authored herself.

Women in Politics

An excellent example of women in politics is Nenadi. Esther Nenadi Usman is from the state of southern Kaduna in Nigeria. She is the former finance minister for Kaduna and one of the only women to have ever taken up a position of such power, particularly in the economic and financial sector. Senator Nenadi Esther did much for her country, empowering young people in particular to become more engaged in education, economics, and politics. But her role as minister was not the only thing that made her so special. Born Nenadi Esther, she became Nenadi Esther Usman by marrying her husband, a Muslim man, in an interfaith ceremony as Esther Usman herself is a Christian. Esther Nenadi Usman has shown her country that anything is possible.

Women in Science

The list of powerful women in science is almost endless. Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, and many others are examples of how much can be achieved. Unfortunately, they are also examples of women’s oppression. While Marie Curie is now known to be the person who discovered radiation, she could only work alongside her husband, who effectively took all the credit at that time. Not because he was a man that didn’t want his wife to be recognized, but simply because that was not done at the time.

Women in Entertainment

The entertainment industry is one in which women have always been able to shine. Unfortunately, they often have had to play roles of less powerful creatures, or highly sexualized creatures, something that still continues today. Women like Miley Cyrus feel the need to be overly sexual, whereas women like Meryl Streep continue to focus almost solely on fashion – although both would deny this. Perhaps the most powerful and truly independent woman in entertainment, therefore, is Oprah Winfrey. A self-made billionaire from humble backgrounds, she is now a woman of all trades – and one who chose not to marry at all!

These are just some examples of the amazing women our planet has been graced with. One thing brings all those women together, however, and that is that they do not see themselves as amazing at all. Rather, they see themselves as having been able to take the opportunity to further women’s rights, and only hope it has been inspirational enough for the next generation to continue it.