There are many books on yoga that show people how to find their own destiny. However, according to Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath joining a class is a much better way to truly understand what yoga is and represents. Because he has a vision of peace on earth through self-peace, he understands that not everybody is able to attend his studio in Pune, India. Instead, therefore, he also teaches yoga through Twitter.

Yoiraj Gurunath Siddhanath on the Journey of Self-Discovery

Many people living in environments surrounded by negative energy. Whether it is their spouse, their co-worker, their friend, or their parent who exhibits this energy is irrelevant. What matters is that the energy has a negative impact on people’s self. Yogiraj Guruanth Siddhanath understands that it is hard to remove oneself from this negativity, because people cannot remove themselves from the people in their lives, be that for financial, logistical, or emotional reasons.

Yogiraj Siddhanath – Jundalini Kriya Yoga Master helps to empower people, blessing their mind and soul through toga practices. Yogiraj Siddhanath also believes in the concept of each one teach one, reach one. This means that when he helps a student find enlightenment, they will themselves be able to do the same for someone else. Helping and teaching others is the greatest empowerment that yoga can bring. Siddhanath believes in helping people find self-peace, because this, he feels, will bring about peace on earth.

Through his practices, he teaches his students how to overcome obstacles and how to remove negativity instead of being overwhelmed by it. Everyone has tremendous power within themselves and he teaches his students how to draw on this. He also feels that modern developments, such as the easy access of knowledge through the internet, is a source of empowerment. This is why he uses Twitter to spread his message across the world. Not everybody has an inherent natural talent to build their own self-esteem, but everyone can access the tools around them to increase it.

During yoga classes, students learn how to overcome physical, emotional, and mental hardships. Students are prepared to face a range of different situations and when they come across them, they become a role model to others. They teach those around them how to face negativity and difficulties without becoming overwhelmed. Their positive attitude becomes infectious, as does their motivation to become better, more peaceful versions of themselves.

It is common for people in the modern world to take a cynical view on contentment. However, those who practice yoga know that contentment is available to everyone, and that it can be found in health, friends, family, and themselves. Yoga teaches people to live with their heart and to fulfill their own destiny. Happiness and contentment is found not in material things, but esoterically. It is found in the heart and soul. Anyone who finds self-peace will guide others towards finding it as well, as they will be compelled to share their own contentment with those around them.